Saveur Food Group, LLC

The premium prepared food specialist

Company Overview

Saveur Food Group, LLC (SFG) was created to acquire companies in the Premium Branded Prepared Foods industry, with an objective of building a significant food group of several hundred million dollars in revenues over the next few years.

The key focus of SFG is to bring together a complementary group of companies with superior quality products, and form a major national premium prepared food group, where synergies between the various entities generate substantial economies for each one of them.

SFG was created by two senior managers, Paul Bensabat and Alain Bankier with complementary management and financial skills and over 45 years of combined food business experience

SFG provides financial, marketing, distribution, product development and management skills which allow companies to grow and develop at an accelerated pace.

SFG also brings state-of-the-art technologies and food products, primarily from Europe, to assist its companies.