Saveur Food Group, LLC

The premium prepared food specialist

We are different

Paul Bensabat and Alain Bankier have been partners and co-investors in many companies over the past 25 years. They have also worked together on many transactions in the food industry, in previous professional capacities (CEO and investment banker).

They form a very complementary and entrepreneurial team with Paul Bensabat contributing his management, marketing and industry strength, and Alain Bankier contributing his financial and banking skills.

Managers with the highest level of integrity and reputation, Paul and Alain form a team which is a powerful and experienced combination of financial, management and entrepreneurial skills, with a proven track record of success.

Their involvement with the companies in which they invest or which they acquire, goes beyond providing capital. They perform an active role every step of the way, bringing their operational experience, industry knowledge, as well as their international contacts and access to advanced food technologies..

SFG is not a traditional equity firm, SFG is not a typical operating company, it combines the strength of both in a new business model. SFG clearly is different.